Faith in Action

2023 - 2026 Vision

Focus & Action

We feel led by God to be strongly committed to these three areas of ministry:


Build teams and ministries that emphasize spiritual growth.


Celebrate and demonstrate our commitment to Christian unity.


Demonstrate our love for others through Spirit-guided service.

See it in Action

Hire Additional Staff to meet Spiritual Growth Needs

Member Maggie Sholar felt the tug of the call to ministry in 2022, and we were proud to bring her on staff as a Student Minister in January 2023.

Evaluate current teams and ministries and either revise or revamp their missions

Our ministry teams have revamped, refocused, and realigned themselves with a Biblical purpose. Get to know our teams and plug in with one (or more) of them!

Offer Courses with Focus on Learning the Bible
Offer Courses with Focus on Learning the Bible

Elder Kent Elliott offered a Sunday School class focused on teaching others how to read the Bible.

Sharing Faith Testimonies
Sharing Faith Testimonies

New members have been encouraged to share their faith stories during the lighting of the Advent candles.