To start the sermon, Pastor Chance McMullin reminds us that Moses was transformed on a mountain top. Similarly Jesus was transformed (or transfigured) on a mountain top.

He goes on to point out that, “when you are in the presence of God, you are required to change.” Transformation happens in the presence of God.

Going back to the text, Pastor Chance comments that the world can humiliate us. We are humbled by bad decisions and may get stuck in the wicked living.

“Sitting in the pig pen is good for one thing-to be humbled.”

Being humiliated is an opportunity to be transformed. Are we willing to say, “I’m just not good enough.”? The prodigal son did.

As exemplified with the prodigal son and his father: grace meets those who are humbled, and our God is a God of grace.

There is more to this parable, however. Pastor Chance brings our attention to the older brother. Where is the justice for the older brother?

Pastor Chance admits that this was a stumbling block for him at one point in his life. He wrestled through the text with his father, when his father said, “I’m not sure the older brother has salvation”.

Why not? The older brother never realized he needed to be saved, too. He never said, “I’m not enough”.

Pastor Chance refers to other texts in the Bible regarding humility in James and Peter.

He goes on to say, “The world humiliates us plenty, but some of us have never had a bite of humble pie.” We must watch ourselves like we do everyone else to find where we need to be humbled.

The father wants the party to be for both sons. Are you going to humble yourself to go in?

“I’m not enough, O God, I need you.”