A Pentecost sermon.

Rev Chance McMullin begins his sermon by explaining that Pentecost is the mark of the Holy Spirit coming into the lives of those following Christ.

In this sermon, he recent gives examples of the Spirit moving and working in our lives today. He also compares this story of Pentecost found in Acts 2 to Numbers 11 when Moses appointed 70 elders.

Rev Chance says that the Spirit causes us to go prophesy, and while that sounds like a big word, all it means is tell about the might works of God. “When you experience the Holy Spirit, you can’t help but talk about it.”

He goes on to explain that experiencing the Spirit is like a wave, though, and we are like surfers. In addition, there is this sweet spot between chaos and order that the Holy Spirit likes to work. So like a surfer, we must be ready for the coming wave, and we must center ourselves between chaos and order with prayer.