Text: Luke 9:28-36

Rev Chance McMullin preached Luke’s account of the Transfiguration.


He begins by explaining the influence Martin Luther King Jr and C.S. Lewis have had in shaping his theology and comparing this admiration to the Jewish people’s love of Moses and Elijah.

“You have two guys you want to be like as a Jew: Moses and Elijah.”

When Jesus goes to the mountain top with Peter, James, and John, Moses and Elijah appear next to Jesus as they are praying. Peter suggests building 3 tents on the mountain top in honor of the event. At the mention of this, a cloud overshadows them to correct their folly.

“As you look upon your life, who is standing atop the mountain? Who are the people of honor and admiration you look to?… How many tents are you going to build?”

Rev Chance explains that there may be a variety of people you hold in the highest regard, but he challenges us to examine why we would hold anyone to the same regard as Jesus.

“But Jesus Christ never fails. He never succumbs to the darkness. Jesus Christ reveals the Kingdom of Heaven in the darkest moments. Jesus Christ shows up in the darkness unlike anyone else.”

He continues by pointing out that when the darkness grows and others succumb Jesus works and acts.

“As the darkness grows, hope begins to fade…your God is unlike anybody…because [God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit] show up in the darkness. They work and act in the darkest of times…Jesus Christ stands alone atop the mountain.”

┬áTo wrap up the sermon Rev Chance quotes Luke 9:27, “but I tell you truly there are some of you standing here today who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of heaven.”