Pastor Chance McMullin begins the sermon by reminding us who Peter was. He was THE disciple. Peter was “the rock”-the guy on whom the church was built. He also stood before a fire and denied Jesus 3 times. He was a coward, without integrity, and defeated by fear.

Fast forward to when Jesus is resurrected and the disciples go fishing. Jesus meets them on the shore, and Peter sits with Jesus by a fire. Jesus asks Peter 3 times if he loves Him. “Of course I love you” Peter responds.

Do you think the fire and repetitive question was intentional?

We’re all a little cowardice like Peter, but we have all been made clean through theĀ grace of Jesus.

Jesus didn’t just forgive Peter, though. He looked into the heart of what was done. He didn’t let Peter sit in the grace. To explain, Pastor Chance explained Jesus’ questions like this: “By denying me you say you don’t love me. Do you love me?”

Jesus goal is not to humiliate but to offer an opportunity to grow. You have to look at what is causing you to fail. You have to grow in grace.

Jesus wants to help you realize your shortcomings so you can step beyond them and grow.

So don’t stop at Jesus loves me, and He offers me grace. Grace is an opportunity to look your failure in the eyes and grow.


Scriptures referenced:

Mark 14

John 20

John 21:15-20

Numbers 21