This Easter Sunday Pastor Chance McMullin reminds us that we worship a God that sent Jesus Christ as a way of saying “I’m not giving up on you”.

Pastor Chance references the ending of the book of Habakkuk when God says He is as angry as a lion at the people of Israel, but I love you too much to give up on you.

So how can we live without hope? How can we live without hope when Jesus was God and the message of God, and the message of God was “I’m not giving up on you. I love you too much.”

Pastor Chance went back to the Easter story we are all familiar with and pointed out that the disciples gave up. They didn’t have hope. But Mary and the other Mary refused to give up. They refused to live without hope.

Pastor Chance says when it feels like life is dark and it’s time to give up, it is better to seek Jesus than to give up and go fishing. 

Find hope in this: Giving up is not a characteristic of God.

Do not give up on yourself or others. When life gets dark, seek Jesus.