“Betrayal often begins with suspicion but it always ends with a spear.”

Pastor Chance McMullin recollected the story of David and Saul found in 1 Samuel 19. David was a lowly shepherd boy who defeated the giant Goliath and quickly became a war hero. King Saul loved David, but 1 statement planted a seed of suspicion in Saul: “Saul kills his thousands, but David kills his tens of thousands”.
This one statement turned a moment of victory into a season of suspicion.
Pastor Chance went on to say that one statement can unravel someone and give them a spirit of torment and fear. “Saul now looks at David with a jealous eye.”
Reflecting on ourselves, Pastor Chance explains that we have been groomed to be suspicious people, and this worries him.
How do we get rid of the suspicion?
One possibility he gave to rid ourselves of the suspicion is listening to music. But music is an escape like a vacation, you have to come back.
Pastor Chance reveals you have to get right with the Lord and be obedient. Do this, and watch peace overcome you.